A woman wearing a yellow, blue, and red mantle and white veil. Background is orange fabric with yellow brocade stripes.

12th Century Adventures in Silk Taffeta

I didn’t make any medieval clothing for most of 2020 since there were no in-person events to wear it to. But that all changed in February 2021, when I spotted an orange silk taffeta with gold brocade stripes in one of my favourite online fabric stores. Herein I tell the tale of the mantle and bliaut that I made from some very colorful silk taffeta.

Photo of Opus Anglicanum piece. Five biblical scenes under five arches.

Exploring Architectural Elements in Opus Anglicanum

Is there iconographic significance in the architectural elements of the splendid embroidery work known as Opus Anglicanum?

This question intrigued me and led me down a path that included studying Opus Anglicanum images and learning about the iconography of medieval architecture.

While I didn’t find the answer I was looking for (yay science!), I found a treasure trove of potential paths for my research – especially around three Opus Anglicanum pieces featuring unique architectural elements.

Mobilier Medieval: Domestic and Vernacular Furniture

Why domestic furniture? As we learn about the people of the Middle Ages, we inevitably seek to discover how they engaged with their domestic environment. How did they physically approach their work? How did they sit and sleep? Did use of furniture reflect place in family, community, or society? What can materials and styles tell us about trade and the exchange of knowledge?