For two years when it was impossible to gather together in person during the Pandemic of 2020-2021, it took a real team effort to adapt the Athenaeum in-person event to be an online forum. The event teams who managed the two online events did an amazing job of keeping the spirit and excitement of Athenaeum alive.

Athenaeum 2020 and 2021 (Online) Event Teams included:

Team MemberRoleContact
Charles de Bourbon, OLAthenaeum Visionary
Baron Aeron CorrinoEvent Steward 2021, Madrone A&S MinisterFB Messenger: Joel Reid Jr
Cristiana de Huntington, OLOrder of the Laurel Outreach
Ysolt Taylor of Windhill, OPConference Scheduling Lead, Hosted Salons Support
Ynesen Ongg Xong Kerij-e, known as Kerij-e, OP, OLMadrone Seneschal 2020-2023, Event Steward 2020, Event Support,
Order of the Laurel Outreach
The Honorable Lady Eden of LionsguardHosted Salons Lead
Baron Enzio Bandinelli, MD Baron of Madrone 2016-2022, Event
Baroness Spike Zoetart, OLBaroness of Madrone 2016-2022, Event Supportmadrone.baroness@madrone-webster

Technology Team:

Team MemberRoleContact
Rowenna de Manning, OL, OPAthenaeum Website Editor,
Exhibitor Support, Madrone Webminister
Tech Team email:
The Honorable Lady Alicia du Bois

Athenaeum Webminister, Online Event
Vision Coordinator, Exhibitor Support, WordPress Whisperer
Questions: FB Messenger Alicia du Bois
Gera Gangolffin, OPAthenaeum Website Manager 2021Tech Team email:
or FB Messenger Jeri Sisco
Ynesen Ongg Xong Kerij-e, known as Kerij-e, OP, OLEvent Steward 2020, Exhibitor Support; Athenaeum Educator 2021; Bookly Mandalorian
Cristiana de Huntington, OLZoom Wizard, Exhibitor Educator
The Honorable Lord Christopher MacEvenyAthenaeum 2021 Website Media JediTech Team email:
or FB Messenger Kit Heinrichs
The Honorable Lord Basilius FuchsPublicityFB messenger Steve Somers
2nd best:
The Honorable Aurora Rose Prindel2021 Exhibitor Waivers and Releases MandalorianTech Team email: