Questions Anyone Might Ask

Q: What is Athenaeum?
A: From our About Us page: “Athenaeum is a non-competitive Body of Work event, and it is your chance to display the breadth of your artistic abilities and receive valuable feedback and commentary from the Laurels of An Tir and other artisans in a relaxed, collaborative, and engaging environment…. All are welcome!!”. What this really means is that Athenaeum welcomes artists to display their work and receive feedback from members of the Order of the Laurel as well as from the general populace. The form this display takes is largely up to you as the person displaying. Mainly it’s important to emphasize that this is NOT a competition. There are no judges and there are no score sheets. This is a feedback-only event.
Q: What’s the difference between an Exhibitor and a Participant? Do I need to sign up to participate?
A: Great question! An Exhibitor is someone who wants to display their work on an exhibit page. A Participant is someone who wants to participate in one-on-one conferences with Exhibitors. This could be a member of the Laurel’s Council, a member of the populace, or even another Exhibitor. Both Exhibitors and Participants need to register — mainly so we have your contact information and connection preferences for scheduling. There will be other ways to participate in the event without needing to sign up, including commenting on exhibits and Zoom social experiences on June 26 & 27.
Q: Will this event replace regular “in person” Athenaeum?
A: No. this is the second virtual event serving as an auxiliary offering, a way of facilitating creative energy and interaction while we are still required to practice social distancing for public health and safety.
Q: I’m not sure how to connect to a meeting with Zoom.
A: Don’t worry! We have recorded tutorials designed to help with exactly this kind of question. We may also have a couple of optional Zoom meetings before the online event June 26 & 27 to help troubleshoot connection/camera/microphone issues. Look for more information about that schedule coming soon!
Q: How can I participate if I am not planning to exhibit and I’m not a Laurel?
A: There are many ways you can participate! You can browse the exhibits and comment on them, you can schedule a one-on-one meeting with exhibitors to talk to them about their exhibits online on the event days, and you can join us in one of the many social experiences that will be happening throughout the day.
Q: Do I need to live in An Tir to participate?
A: You do not need to live in An Tir to participate as an exhibitor. However, if numbers get too large we reserve the right to limit enrollment.
Q: Is there a cost to participate in the event?
A: No.
Q: Can I use XYZ technology to connect instead of Zoom?
A: No. We deliberately chose Zoom as a video conferencing technology in order to simplify the event. If you aren’t able to connect through Zoom, you can still attend one-on-one meetings or social rooms via phone.

Questions Exhibitors Might Ask

Q: Can anyone sign up to be an Exhibitor?
A: Anyone is welcome to participate. This year the event is open to artists and artisans including members of the Laurels Council. After you register, you will receive access to an exhibit space in the form of one “page” on the website. You can consider your page as your “table” on which you can arrange one project or several projects using text, images with captions, references, and if desired links to video. It’s up to you.
Q: Help! I need help creating my Exhibit page! How do I use these tools? I am not a technical person! Maybe this event isn’t for me.
A: We do NOT want technology to be a barrier to entry for this event. Although we have tried to make the process of creating your Exhibit page as easy as possible, “easy” means different things to different people. Check this page about tutorial information! These tutorials were made for virtual Athenaeum 2020 and refer to that event date, but the technical information remains current. Use the Exhibitor’s Feedback form (once you get logged in) or the Contact Us form to reach out for help.
Q: Can I display material I’ve displayed before?
A: Yes, provided it complies with our stated guidelines.
Q: Can I use projects I display at Athenaeum to enter local, Principality, or Kingdom competitions?
A: Since Athenaeum is not a competition and those who display here are merely receiving feedback on their entries, it is likely you will be able to enter your item in a competition later. We can’t speak for all competitions, however, so you should check the rules before you enter.
Q: Are there restrictions on what I can display?
A: Yes. Please see the article “What Shouldn’t I Display Online at Road to Athenaeum” for details.
Q: Will I be able to record my one-on-one chats?
No. Recording will be not be available as it would add another layer of complexity to the event. However, as with the “in person” Athenaeum, you are very welcome to take notes.
Q: As an Exhibitor, do I need to register again as a participant to request one-on-one conferences with other Exhibitors?
A: No. Feel free to use the form you’ll see at the bottom of Exhibit pages to sign up for a conference with any Exhibitor. We encourage it!

Questions Laurels Might Ask

Q: How can I sign up to speak to an Exhibitor?
A: Once the Exhibit pages are published, there will be a form available to schedule one-on-one chats. All conferences will take place between 10AM and 4PM (Pacific time) on June 26 or June 27. You must register for an account in order to see the scheduling tools. There will also be a “day of event” opportunity to schedule a chat.
Q: Can Laurels Display at this event?
A: Yes! When registration opens, register as an Exhibitor. Please also consider signing up to speak one-on-one with other Exhibitors in this online event.