The Bounty of Information You Can Learn from Period Letters

Love, business, plague – parts of the every day lives of the middle ages experienced by both commoner and king. And captured in the letters they sent. Reading medieval letters unveils so much incredible information about day-to-day lives and the people who wrote them. This article samples quotes from a variety of topics to show you how rich these letters are in sharing information about the people of the Middle Ages.

Photo of Opus Anglicanum piece. Five biblical scenes under five arches.

Exploring Architectural Elements in Opus Anglicanum

Is there iconographic significance in the architectural elements of the splendid embroidery work known as Opus Anglicanum?

This question intrigued me and led me down a path that included studying Opus Anglicanum images and learning about the iconography of medieval architecture.

While I didn’t find the answer I was looking for (yay science!), I found a treasure trove of potential paths for my research – especially around three Opus Anglicanum pieces featuring unique architectural elements.

Scandinavian Cuisine During the Vendel and Early Viking Age

In 2013 I decided to do a year of Viking food for events to match my persona. A short time later, after digging into research I realized this was not going to be a short term project. There are very few primary sources, arguably there are none. Everything that we have is secondary or tertiary and undoubtedly wrong. This presentation is my evolving work at becoming steadily less wrong.