As an Exhibitor participating in the online display of arts and sciences called Virtual Athenaeum (“the event”), I agree to and understand the following:

Code of Conduct

I agree to conduct myself at all times according to the SCA Statement of Core Values published and detailed here 

Regarding Registration and Collection of Information

I understand that I must register on this website ( for an account in order to participate in the event as an “Exhibitor.” The following information will be collected for communication and identification purposes: SCA name, email address, Branch, and Kingdom. Only my SCA name will be displayed on my exhibit page by default. Beyond my SCA name, the  information I provide will only be used for the event staff to contact me. The event staff will not share my information beyond what is detailed here.

Regarding Exhibits

  1. The work I present is mine or the result of a collaborative project. If it is a collaborative project, I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain permission from any collaborators to publish this work to the public. 
  2. I acknowledge that I am responsible for citing any copyrighted materials I use or refer to in my exhibit and for checking the usage rights for any copyrighted material. I will not hold The Barony of Madrone, the SCA, or the event staff responsible for any copyright violations arising from the publication of my exhibit page. I further understand that if the Barony of Madrone or event staff receives a complaint about my exhibit page it will be removed from the website immediately.
  3. I must sign and upload a Photo Release Agreement and a Creative Works License Agreement, before my display will be published. Directions for how to do this and links to the required forms will be forthcoming.
  4. My exhibit page will not be published until I have selected the “Ready to display” button.  Event staff will review my display before publishing. If any part of my exhibit needs to be revised before publication, the event staff will reach out to me via email to discuss it.
  5. Event staff will have the final publishing decision. Event staff will not publish my exhibit until it meets the requirements laid out in the Exhibitor’s checklist.  This checklist will be provided to you when you log in to your Exhibitor account.
  6. The deadline for completing Exhibit pages is 12:00AM June 6, 2021 Pacific Time. Any Exhibit page that is incomplete according to the requirements laid out in the Exhibitor’s checklist after that time will be deleted from the system without being published.
  7. Event staff will review and publish comments submitted on my exhibit page to check for SPAM and appropriate language only. An account is not required to leave a comment. I understand that comments may not appear on my exhibit page immediately and that I may request to have any comment published to my page removed.
  8. My exhibit page will remain available for the period that I have agreed to in my signed release forms. I also understand that the ability to comment on my exhibit page may be turned off after the event.
  9. Exhibit pages may not be used to sell artwork or advertise commissions or services of any kind.

Regarding Technologies and one-on-one Live Interactions

  1. Zoom and the Road to Athenaeum website will be the technologies used in Exhibitor/Registered Participant interactions for the duration of the event scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, June 26 and 27, 2021 9 AM-5 PM Pacific Time. Any alternatives or accommodations need to be discussed with the event staff at least one week before the event date and the event staff will have the final say regarding use of technologies.
  2. I agree to attend any scheduled one-on-one discussions via Zoom meeting or other agreed upon method, unless I notify the event staff in advance. Schedules will be created by the event staff and distributed to all one-on-one participants (exhibitors and those who have requested one-on-one discussions) no later than Friday, June 25, 2021. I agree to notify a member of the event staff as soon as possible after receiving my schedule to discuss any conflicts or issues. I understand that I am welcome to invite anyone to a one-on-one discussion, and that all one-on-one attendees will need to register with the website in order to be a Participant in my day-of-event schedule.
  3. Scheduled one-on-one conferences will be conducted in Zoom breakout rooms unless an alternative is approved by event staff prior to the event. Meetings are not moderated and may not be recorded.  Event staff will be available at any time during the scheduled meetings for assistance. I understand that I may leave the meeting at any time.

I understand that the event staff may revise these rules and agreements at any time and will notify me of changes.