Project Milestone SuggestionsWeekExhibit Page and Website
Brainstorm ideas.
What kind of project/exhibit?
Browse last year’s Athenaeum sites for examples!
Sign up on the website using your Athenaeum Showcase invitation
Gather research resources and supporting images.
Start preliminary bibliography.
Create rough outline for project.
f new work, start the actual project. Take process photos/video!
Resources: Reference Library of Helpful Articles on the Athenaeum website
Do project. Take process photos.
Finalize your documentation outline.
Request photo releases as needed.
 Review policy on Required Forms for Your Exhibit: Release Forms and Citations
Wrap up your project.
Finalize the first draft of your written material.
Select images, edit and resize image and video resources. Upload any videos to YouTube that you will link to your exhibit.Resource: Editing Images for the Web
Send reminder re: any missing photo releases. Fill out and upload your Creative Work Grant of Use form.
Start laying out content to your Exhibit template on the Athenaeum website.
Upload your images to the Media Gallery on the site; give image files filenames per the guidance.
Resource: Building Your Exhibit with Dame Christiana
Resource: Writing for the Web v2
Revise and polish
Format and finalize citations and bibliography.
Test all links.
Decide your exhibit is done and click “Ready for Review”
Athenaeum Admin editors check your exhibit to ensure all required elements are present and in compliance. Athenaeum Editors click Publish on all exhibits.
Published! Share the url for your exhibit widely.Goal date: April 1The Athenaeum Admins will share the news of publication widely.