Tutorial: Full-length Video Tutorial for Exhibitors

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Dear Exhibitors,

If you’re feeling lost about how you might be able to put your exhibit together, you can make a start by viewing my tutorials recorded for the Road to Athenaeum event held in July of 2020.

I’ve done a full-length tutorial where you can tag along as I create an entire Exhibit page from a project I completed several years ago. It’s a great overview of the tools available to you as an Exhibitor. Watch it here:

I’m happy to answer any questions you have. I want you to be successful. Please contact me using the Feedback form in your Exhibitor area for the best response. I promise I’m reading those and aiming to respond quickly.

In service,
Lady Alicia du Bois.

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2 Replies to “Tutorial: Full-length Video Tutorial for Exhibitors”

  1. If you are displaying more than one work, will you create separate exhibit pages for each item? How do you create a new Exhibit page? I can see how to create a new post, but not a new Exhibit. Or are we limited to one Exhibit?

    1. For this event, each Exhibitor only gets one page. If you’d like to put more than one project on the page, you’ll just need to add them on the same page. As the videos suggest, you can put separators between projects to help visually separate them and rely on the Table of Contents and your headings to help people navigate through the page.

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