Oseberg Style Wood Carving

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Ship Tail

Please view the progress pictures from a recreation of an extant Osberg Ship Tail Carving. Click the first image and then advance through a slideshow.

Carved Panel

Click first image for a slideshow.

Dragon Headed Prow

The carving below is of a Dragon Headed Prow created as part of an A&S Project. Click first image for a slideshow.


  • Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle WA

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7 Replies to “Oseberg Style Wood Carving”

  1. Outstanding, Knut! It’s exiting to see how you have developed your art. Many, many people have seen images of the originals in museums or on the web, but watching the process of creating them really dusts the artifacts off and helps us all appreciate them all the more. I’ve seen you present this to very appreciative audiences in demos at the Poulsbo Viking Festival, and at the Nordic Heritage Museum. Taking this into the digital world allows even more folks to see how these projects come to be. Could you post pictures of your tools and how you use your draw knife?

  2. I love it! Carving looks so complicated- I could always imagine how someone would “build” but to carve- seeing the vision come to life- that seems to complicated but yet beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. The carved panel of the dragon is from a class by Jay Havik at Pt Townsend school of Woodworking in October 2015. The panel is from the Borgund Stave church in Norway. The wood that I was given is mahogany. Not being a period wood for the Norse, I am showing to show other wood techniques in other woods. The dragon “prowl” is best recovered figure from Oseborg ship burial. That project, in basswood, was from my first class at Pt Townsend school in October 2014 by Jay Havik. Basswood or Linden wood is a period wood for the Norse. I used wood working hand tools, such as gouges, spokeshaves, planes, drawknives, and hook knives.

  4. So wondrous to see the progress you have been making on these projects! I look forward to seeing the work in person soon!

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