The Road to Athenaeum concept of virtual events was devised as a way to keep the momentum and spirit of Athenaeum going and to continue to foster collaboration among our Kingdom’s Arts & Sciences community in the wake of the necessary cancellation of in-person Athenaeum 2020.

The Road now brings us the second website-based and virtual Arts & Sciences non-competitive showcase event, on June 26 & 27, AS LVI (2021)

This site is where you will find all of the information you’ll need to join us on that journey.

Our first milestone was a virtual Online Athenaeum held on July 18, 2020. It was an interactive event celebrating the Arts & Sciences — an opportunity to exhibit work online and for exhibitors to receive live feedback from at least two members of the Laurel’s Council through the magic of technology.

Non-exhibitor event participants can engage with exhibitors in this website-based and virtual format, and all will be welcome to join our online social activities at the upcoming Athenaeum in June. We hope to see you there! Watch this website for new information.