Zoom 101

Video Tutorials Taught by Viscountess Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e

Be sure to check for updates and update Zoom on your computer shortly before the June 26-27 event, so that features being used in Salons and 1:1 meetings will be accessible to you.

Practice using Zoom videoconferencing software! We recorded Zoom Tutorials in 2020. To view the tutorials from last year, please click the links below. There is a final screen with other trainings that were in 2020.

This tutorial covers where the controls are and what they do including how to change the name people see on your video, how to change your background, muting/unmuting, chat, sharing your screen, and going into breakout rooms.

Videoconferencing etiquette, how to connect with other devices are also discussed. Viscountess Kerij-e also shares some curated online resources for more Zoom tutorials.

Recorded Tutorials

Video Tutorial 07/02/2020: Zoom 101 (1)

Video Tutorial 07/05/2020: Zoom 101 (2)

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