Joining Athenaeum by Phone

The main technology for the Virtual Athenaeum in 2021 is Zoom meetings. But Zoom isn’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t have a good internet connection, or a computer with a camera and microphone, or you don’t trust Zoom’s security. You can still participate!

Zoom has a phone-in feature, in conjunction with viewing the Exhibit on a computer, you can still have a very productive conversation.

Making the Call

  1. Ask the Athenaeum team for a phone specific invitation. If you have a smart phone, you can do a one-tap call, otherwise you will need to manually dial in and enter the meeting ID and password.
    1. Dial the number from the invitation. For example, Tacoma is +1 253 215 8782
    2. At the prompt, enter the Meeting ID, and then press #.
    3. At the prompt, enter the phone-specific password, and then press #. (It’s usually at the bottom of the invitation.)
  2. If the meeting has not started, press # to wait.
  3. If asked to enter your participant ID, press # to skip.
  4. When the host lets you out of the waiting room, you can speak and hear the conversation.
    • *6 to mute or unmute
    • * 9 to raise your hand.
  5. When the moderator starts the breakout rooms, you will be notified and moved to the break out room automatically.

While in a Breakout Room

You will be able to mute and unmute like you can in the main session. Use *6 to mute or unmute.

You will not receive any of the chat notifications from the moderator. Ask your Exhibitor to relay any information from the moderator.

You can leave the room at any time by pressing #.

When the host has ended the meeting you will be notified and returned to the main room in 60 seconds.

To leave the meeting at any time, you can simply hang up!

Quick Cheatsheet

  • *6 – MUTE/UNMUTE
  • # – Leave Breakout room immediately

Top Image: Center panel “Annunciation Triptych (Merode AltarPiece) ca. 1427-32, Workshop of Robert Campin. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Accessed 7/2/2020 This image is Open Access.

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