Exhibitor: View your Calendar

Exhibitors use Bookly App on the Athenaeum site to view your calendar. If you are a participant, follow this link for instructions to view your schedule.

Exhibitors – To view your calendar in Bookly, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link in the email or go to the Exhibitor Dashboard.
  2. Log in, if needed.
  3. Click on the Menu item on the left side that says “Bookly” (it has an orange square icon and a popup menu will come up with two options: “Calendar” and “Profile”).
  4. Click “Calendar” under “Bookly”. You should see your calendar.
  5. Make sure the date range is June 21 – 27, 2021. On the right, click “List.”

Exhibitors – To cancel 1:1 conference, please follow these steps:
Note: Do not delete the appointment.

  1. On a appointment, tap the green edit button.

2. to the left of the red trashcan, is the status icon. It changes depending on the current status.
TIP: To change the status, click on the icon and select the new status. Do not delete cancelled or rejected appointments.

3. Make sure that the “Send Notifications” checkbox is selected, and then click “Save.”

4. Confirm that email is sent to the participant and then click “Send”.

Participants – To View Your Personal Schedule with Zoom Links

After logging in, Exhibitors and Participants (non-exhibitors) can view a personal schedule. Exhibitors go to Bookly to view your calendar (Don’t forget to select the correct date range.)

  1. On the Athenaeum site, under “Event Schedule”, click “Personal Schedule.”
  2. Log in, if needed.

or follow this link:

3. The schedule displays the details and status of your appointments. On the day of the appointment, a Zoom link or phone number will be added to the calendar.

4. To cancel an appointment, click “Cancel”. The exhibitor will be notified by email.
TIP: Exhibitors – To cancel or reject appointments, go to Bookley.

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