Athenaeum Zoom Experience

Be sure to check for updates and update Zoom on your computer or device shortly before the June 26-27 event, so that features being used at this event will be accessible to you.

The live event Athenaeum on June 26 & 27 will have these activities via Zoom:

or go directly to Tips for an Event on Zoom

General Information

All Zoom links will be accessible on the Event Schedule page on Saturday morning. Zoom conferences will have breakout rooms. You will see a button to click to get to breakout rooms; click the name of the room to be routed to that room. Be patient, it takes a few seconds and a blink of the screen for Zoom to shift a user into a breakout room. Use “Leave Breakout Room” to exit and return to the “lobby” where you’ll find the Administrator for that Zoom. Use “Leave” to exit a Zoom conference. Use “Contact Host” if you need to communicate with the Zoom Manager running the overall Zoom conference.

No conferences, presentations, or Salons will be recorded.

One-on-One Conference with an Exhibitor

Participants register on the Athenaeum website so they can use the Scheduling tool to schedule a 1:1 conference with an Exhibitor to talk with that person about their subject. A Participant in a scheduled 1:1 meeting will find the link to their Zoom conference on their Personal Schedule page (must be logged in). Exhibitors will find the link to their 1:1 meetings in their Bookly calendar (must be logged in).

Exhibitors should think ahead about being prepared with notes, books, objects, and links to references. See Tips below for further suggestions for setup. Exhibitors will be able to share screen if they wish to use that capability to show other websites, or images on their computer. If sharing video or a sound clip, select the “computer sound” option.

The 1:1 time is up to 45 minutes. Expect to see a five-minute warning at 40 minutes. Generally, there will not be a moderator.

Exhibitor Presentations

Remember what it was like to attend the live, in-person Athenaeum event? Each Exhibitor prepared their table with the materials they wanted to display. Attendees walked among the tables and stopped to talk with Exhibitors. Our “Exhibitor Presentations” are intended to emulate that experience. At their assigned time slot, an Exhibitor will enter Presentation Room 1 or Presentation Room 2 on Zoom using the link in the Event Schedule page. Exhibitors should think ahead about being prepared with notes, books, objects, and links to references.

All Athenaeum attendees can check the schedule to see when an Exhibitor they’d love to talk to is in a Presentation room. Attendees use the Exhibitor Presentations Zoom link to enter the Zoom, then Attendees can navigate to Presentation Room 1 or Presentation Room 2 using the breakout room list. An Exhibitor may have multiple people in their presentation room at the same time. A moderator will be present.

Exhibitor Presentation Rooms will be open for 45 minutes for each Exhibitor per the schedule. Not every Exhibitor chose to have an Exhibitor Presentation timeslot.


Athenaeum Salons are Zoom sessions with a focus of discussion is various cultural and artistic themes. These sessions are not presentations by Exhibitors, they are general discussion groups where anyone interested in the subject can talk with others who have joined the Salon. There will be a moderator in each room.

Access Salons with the “Salons” Zoom link, and then check the list of breakout rooms for the room assigned to the salon you’re interested in. Click the name to take your Zoom connection to that breakout room.

Social Room

There will be a Social room Zoom open during event hours 9:30 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday (start the day with Breakfast the the Baroness at 9:30). Click the link in the schedule and join a Zoom conference where you can hang out and talk about all the things. No specific subject. A moderator will be present.

Tips for an Event on Zoom

What to wear: Wear your garb! Be comfortable.

Camera placement: If you’re joining Zoom on a desktop computer, place your webcam at eye level or just above, if possible, and straight in front of you. If you’re using a laptop or tablet, prop your device on a stack of books or a tall stool so the camera can be near eye height, if possible.

Webcam sound: If you haven’t had a Zoom conference before, have a test session with a friend so you can be sure the microphone on your device works with your Zoom conference connection. You can also test your audio connection and view of background using a Test Meeting available on the Zoom website: here’s a YouTube video with instructions.

Location and background: Pick a room or space to settle in for your Zoom sessions. You can “dress the set” of your background with a banner or other display items, or investigate if your computer has enough processing power to use “backgrounds” on your Zoom connection – it’s in the menu down-arrow next to the video icon when you are in an active Zoom. Try to be in a space where interruptions and sounds of pets can be minimized. Notify people in your domicile of the times of your activities.

Change to your SCA name in the Zoom window: Here’s a YouTube video, go to 2:00 minutes for instructions. You can also change your name in the Zoom window right after you join your first Athenaeum Zoom session; click three dots in the upper right or, for the mobile app it’s in the bottom right corner of your own Zoom window, and click Rename.

Using Chat: Chat is a good way to share links to websites during a discussion, or clarify what’s being talked about. While in a Zoom session, click the icon labelled “Chat” at the bottom of the screen to open a Chat pane in addition to the Zoom window. Remember that if you do not choose a specific person who is also in the Zoom room, everyone in the Zoom room will see what you type. Don’t treat Chat as a private thread, please.

Setting an SCA-appropriate profile image: When you elect to turn off your video during a Zoom session by clicking the Video icon, you’d like an image of you, or about you, to show in the Zoom window. Here’s an article with instructions on how to change your profile image: The image you select does not have to be a “headshot” – it could be your device, or your cat. We encourage you select an SCA-appropriate image. If you don’t upload a profile image, your Zoom window will show your name on a black background when you turn off video.

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