Athenaeum Zoom Experience

Taught by Viscountess Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e and to come.

Tutorial Description

The live even Athenaeum on June 26 & 27 will be one-on-one conferences between Exhibitors and Participants as well as virtual discussion rooms of various cultural and artistic themes, and one or several social chat rooms on Zoom

Currently scheduled to take place June 14, this live Zoom Lab is for Zoom beginners and advanced users alike! This tutorial session will focus on showing Exhibitors how to navigate everything Athenaeum 2021 will have available. This is your opportunity to practice Zoom features Exhibitors will use.

Other topics to be covered include tips for camera placement and webcam sound, making sure you can share your screen, practice going in and out of breakout rooms, navigating the chat, setting an SCA appropriate profile image in your Zoom account and more!

Be sure to check for updates and update Zoom on your computer shortly before the June 26-27 event, so that features being used in Salons and 1:1 meetings will be accessible to you.

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